Postcards 2017

Whatever happened to sending postcards? I buy them when I visit exhibits and from artists on the street, and the odd vacation postcard. Then they sit on my desk or tucked away in books on shelves. Recently I went hunting to see just how many I have. I never bought postcards to send to anyone, I always bought them as a momento. An image which caught my eye that I wanted for myself. After looking at the couple dozen postcards currently laid out on my desk, I realized that I've been going about the simplicity of the postcard all wrong.

I should be sharing these with someone — rather than keeping them for myself. I was inspired to buy the postcard, so I should give it to someone who might also get some inspiration. I want to give the postcard life, I want to give them to you!

Starting in 2017 I'll be doing a 52 week sharing & writing project revolving around postcards. Every Wednesday I'll be posting a postcard on Instagram that I've bought from an artist or exhibit here in Japan. In order to get a postcard all you have to do is be the first to comment on that Wednesday's post. If you're the first person to comment I'll take the time to write something just for you, then I'll go buy a stamp just for you, and then slip the postcard in the mailbox. Hopefully then a few days later there will be a postcard waiting in your mailbox. 

I'll update this page each Wednesday with the postcard I posted to Instagram, as a sort of visual journal of the year.