Intentions, Goals & Dreams (2015)

In 2009 I made my final New Years Resolution: not to make any more resolutions

Since 2009 I’ve been setting annual intentions, goals and dreams — yes I know it’s essentially the same meaning as resolution, but words have power and resolution is a word that gets bandied about and abused by far too many. Resolution is laden with too much pressure, think back how many times you’ve made a New Years Resolution and how quickly it died. Year after year people set themselves up for failure, I’d had enough and decided it was time for a change.

Now I look back at the previous years and weigh my collective experience against my accomplishments, failures and changes. In 2014 I pushed myself to engage with people more, to step outside my comfort zone, to refine my writing and photographic style (the latter two are long term goals that will need work for my entire life). I also changed how I use my time (with a system of points and rewards), I journaled my ideas (5 journals), overall I was more productive — but there’s room for improvement.

The year wasn’t all perfect. I dithered on projects, overthinking, starting late, as a result I missed one important goal of having a year long project finished and shipped. That project is a priority now, and very near to being finished.

So, in 2015 I will …
1. keep a daily handwritten journal
2. share what I love and what inspires me (see Insights)
3. work on projects and series, not just one-off images
4. read, study and learn from those who inspire me
5. expose myself to new ideas and modes of creativity by picking up a pen, brush, spatula, or even digitally create something
6. be a better critic and engage more, I won’t just click favourite, +1, like — I will leave actual comments and constructive criticism
7. collaborate on a project with someone, time zones and proximity are boundaries that are easily overcome (if you have an idea I’d be happy to hear from you)
8. continue to learn and grow

Lastly, I am going to ask you to do something: I want you to take the time, right now to look back over 2014 to see how your year went, and plan your own Intentions, Goals and Dreams for 2015. Then I want you to share it with me. In return here is what I will do, I will check-in with you from time to time (be an email, message or even a handwritten note — if you are so inclined to that) to see how you are progressing. A collaboration of sorts, working together to keep each other on track and accountable to what we want to do this year.