Intentions, Goals & Dreams (2014)

Once again another year has come and gone. By now we are already halfway through the first month of 2014 and I wonder how many people have already broken, ignored or forgotten they made New Year’s resolutions? I’m not overly fond of the word resolution; it’s laden with too much extra pressure which most people do not need right after the holidays. Back in 2009 I made that year’s New Year’s resolution “not to make any more resolutions”, so from then I’ve believed in setting annual intentions, goals and dreams.

Each and every new year since 2009, I take stock of the previous year and plan for the coming one. I look back at the year to see what has and hasn’t been working and make appropriate changes; often noticeable only to me. I also take stock of what I have accomplished or failed to do, so when things don’t work out the way I planned I just regard these failures as learning experiences. My collective learning experience for the year is weighed by my accomplishments, failures and changes. Last year was a year of building self-confidence, this year will be about engaging, collaborating and refining my style. I think I’ve found my comfort zone, so now it’s time to step outside it, expand it and challenge myself and others.

IN 2014 I WILL …

  1. Enrich my knowledge by reading, studying, and learning from those who inspire me.
  2. Revamp my website, photo sharing places; the times change so should you.
  3. Do more outside my comfort zone, I will try new foods, visit different places, expose myself to new ideas and modes of creativity.
  4. Pursue a photography project for the year and at the end of the year I will publish a set of photos that tell a story.
  5. Flex my creativity by picking up a pen, brush, spatula, or maybe even a chisel to create something. I will write about and share my creative experiences.
  6. Use my camera and journal more consistently.
  7. Be more meticulous about writing down ideas for photography, travel plans, inspiration, life and I will set aside 45 minutes a week on developing these new ideas.
  8. Work on developing and refining an identifiable style (photographic & written).
  9. Not overload social media and the web with my photos. I will choose only the best of the best.
  10. Ask for constructive criticism with whatever I create, and I will incorporate what people say and go try it again.
  11. Be a better critic and engage more, I won’t just click favourite+1, or like, I will leave actual comments and constructive criticism.
  12. Collaborate on a project with a fellow artist, no matter where we are in the world.
  13. Go to galleries, museums, festivals, etc. Life is not a vacuum, I will get out and have experiences.
  14. Have passions, be passionate and share passions.
  15. Use failures as opportunities to learn and grow.
  16. Find the time to do the actives I love, being lazy and watching TV for long periods of time are not acceptable excuses.

I think everyone can benefit from writing down their own Intentions, Goals & Dreams, posting it somewhere and reading it everyday, as well it is quite helpful in keeping you on track for the year. Sharing it with people can be beneficial, however be careful, sharing with the wrong people can create a false sense of accomplishment. Share with likeminded people, those who will encourage you and pressure you to keep the work going. So what are you waiting for? Take the time and think about how last year went and what you would like to improve upon this year and make your list of Intentions, Goals & Dreams for 2014.