January 20, 2017

The images below tell the story of what I saw as I walked around Tokyo on January 20th, 2017.

What did you do on this day?

This was the third year of taking time to make photos, I had very little enthusiasm for it — the weather was cold, nor did I know what I would shoot. For most of 2016 I took a mental holiday from thinking about making photos, I didn't stop shooting but I lacked the enthusiasm, drive and vision that I seemed to have had in the past. I started close to home and along the way while I switched trains I made some images, eventually making my way to Shibuya and walked along the street to Aoyama, and then through side-streets of Jingu-mae. I stopped for a coffee and to warm my hands. I eventually walked down Omotesando Avenue towards Harajuku, I considered taking the extra distance heading to Shinjuku station, instead I packed my camera and got on the train and headed backhome.

How do you feel about the photos a year later?

As I looked at the images I made a year ago I can see that I learned from the mistakes of the year before that, I didn't explore and experiment with new styles. There is a series of images, not shown here, that I can see I was trying much too hard to connect with people, the scene was interesting but the people not so. This is a theme, keeping people outside the frame, I continued to explore the the remainder of 2017 — fits with the one image (no standing). I quite like the first three images, as well as the various colours found in each scene, colour and objects are two variables that I can rely on to explore.