Newsletter - August 2017



A common question I get asked is "What kind of photographs do you take?" It's a simple question, the answer though is far from that. It would be easy enough to answer if I followed more traditional styles of photography (landscapes, portraits, nature, etc) — these people can understand. I start to run into problems (keeping an audience interested) when I use words like street photography, abstraction, conceptual ...

That question above has had me thinking about my own work for sometime, how do I define the images I make and myself as a photographer? There are pages and pages in my journal devoted to exploring this answer, with a fair swathe scribbled out. Rather than trying to pigeonhole myself into a traditional style I opted to look at my various projects and ask "What are they exploring?" This was (somewhat) easier to answer.

I was able to fit my work into three themes which I explore, whether this is an answer that will suffice, interest, or better create an image in someone's mind of the images I make I am unsure. At the least I hope it will allow for people to ask more questions (always ask questions, even when you find out the answer, keep digging). I even went as far as redesigning and reorganizing my website to reflect this new answer (you've probably noticed this already!).

"I explore themes around Surfaces, Spaces & Time."

Take a look at the revamped site and let me know what you think, or feel free to ask me anything related to it, I'm happy to answer!

Interesting things

  • I've chatted with a few people who talk about a "restlessness", a deep feeling that they should always be working on or doing something. Many of these people say they never feel relaxed and have guilt about being lazy.
  • Social media and digital platforms have connected photographers globally, it may have also killed the ability to tell a story beyond a single image
  • Campari has a unique taste, one I have described as "old dust on a window" - however, having tried a Negroni recently at a bar in Golden Gai in Shinjuku, I'm coming around to this unusual flavour (it helps that this drink has gin in it).
  • An interesting take on an architectural photography project - urban design failures.
  • Curious to learn more about my photography? Vincent included my photography in a video series he created about Painterly PhotographyWatch the entire series, it's really well done — you can watch the episode featuring my work below.
Kristopher Matheson is a Canadian photographer who lives and works in Tokyo, Japan. His work has a meditative and contemplative feel to it, as he often explores certain themes again and again, searching for new inspirations and directions. He has an amazing sense of balance in his compositions and choices of color and tonality that gives his work a painterly sensibility.

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