Newsletter - May 2017


It's May, can you believe it? Hope everyone has been having a productive year so far — some of you probably made resolutions for the year, are you still on top of those? One of mine, the Postcard project, is still on going and I still have some great postcards left to share with you.


The main reason people give up on their ideas is they underestimate the effort gap: the time it will take to go from idea to fruition
— Scott Berkun
  • Inspiration, ideas or creativity, which is most important? Hint: the answer is none of the above. Berkun has a short series of tweets which might interest some of you to read. For those who want the answer, keep reading I'll address it at the end of this newsletter.
  • "Walking is an act of faith. Walking is, after all, interrupted falling. We see, we listen, we speak, and we trust that each step we take won’t be our last, but will lead us into a richer understanding of the self and the world.” A very interesting essay by Garnette Cadogan on the realities of being black in America.
  • "Walking is a luxury in the West. Very few people, particularly in cities, are obliged to do much of it at all. Cars, bicycles, buses, trams, and trains all beckon."
  • I was told to check out this Commute Project 2016, I really like the concept of taking the same photo day after day after day, which got me thinking. I've been commuting and walking the same streets, near where I work, for 10 years — you'd think it would get boring after a few months or after a year or two. Yet the streets still surprise me with new visuals, change and growth. Seeing the same area day in and day out is a large influence on my photography and creativity and actively looking at what is currently around you; far too many people don't do this enough, instead they are always thinking the great scenes to be photographed are on holiday destinations. If you can't take good photographs where you live, you won't have much luck while on vacation.
  • I'm always curious what other photographers look at for inspiration. Do they look at famous photos? Local Artists? Their own cities? Living in Japan I look at a number of photographs taken by Japanese (also Japanese), foreigners residing here and tourists, I find this blend helps me see things that I might miss or not recognize.

Artist Journal


"The artist of the future will merely point his finger and say it's art — and it will be art."

Marcel Duchamp


Inspiration, ideas or creativity, which is most important? 
Commitment is the answer. It's what everyone struggles with, it's what drags most people down, it's what kills all potential good ideas. Everyone is creative, everyone problem solves in their daily life (yes, that is creativity), and inspiration can come from virtually anything. I use an Idea Journal to track my ideas, most of them are not good, most of them are terrible, however some will get developed further than the initial scribbles, and very few will become projects. There are also one or two ideas that I know would be extremely hard to make to fruition (logistics, costs, support, etc). The ideas I develop into projects are important to me, like all things important they take time and effort. I struggle with how I spend my time, and have yet to learn or read or discover any "lifehack" that makes it easier — besides doing what needs to be done every day. Does it get easier to stay committed? Yes, but it's just as easy to backslide and lose all progress, so pick yourself up and start doing it all again every day.

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