Editions of Three

For the past two or three years I've been experimenting with abstractionism and the urban environment here in Tokyo — I've been living here for 10 years, half of that time I've had my camera. Having connected with photographers & artists who live in various corners of the globe has helped me immensely — their constant encouragement, questioning and criticism, I wouldn't be where I am now. It's been very rewarding know and hearing that others appreciate my work. I take photographs to share with people to illustrate how I see the world around me, and out of a strong desire to inspire others to look at their world in a different light.

With all this in mind, starting May 1 I'm launching Editions of Three, prints from a selection of some of my more popular images, along with experiments, and a few favourites of my own in small edition runs of 3. Over the course of the month I will be adding new images every couple of days, and when an image has sold out it will be replaced with a new image.


  • A4 (8.26 x 11.69 inches) Inkjet photo paper (signed & numbered on the back) — Limited to 3 prints
  • A3+ (13 x 19 inches) Fine art paper (signed & numbered on the front) — Limited to 3 prints
    Each photograph includes a border for framing

Note: Shipping is free on all prints.