Newsletter - March 2017


February's postcards travelled around the world — hopefully arriving where they should and in a timely manner. Not to scare anyone but essentially 17% of the year has gone by already ... I'll be sending out Week 10/52 next Monday on Instagram!

Interesting Things

Anxiety is the essential condition of intellectual and artistic creation
— Charles Frankel
It’s not about waiting for hours for this moment where inspiration strikes. It’s just about showing up and getting started and then something amazing happens or it doesn’t happen. All that matters is you enable the chance for something to happen
— Christoph Niemann

A not so subtle hint to anyone who has an idea, or is currently slow-working on a project, to kick yourself into action and give that idea life ... or possibly death. Death of an idea is not the end of the world, perhaps after working on something for a while you decide it's not right, so it's ok to let an idea and project die; I recommend keeping a journal where your ideas can always live, even if it's a bad idea write it down so you have the memory of it, you never know when a bad idea might become a good one. Creating and sharing helps to build confidence and community, this applies not only to art, photography, but also to sharing cake and a meal that you made with someone, or doing crafts with your kids, or building a sandcastle on the beach with friends and watching the tide destroy it.

If you have any interesting projects that you are working on or that you know of, please let me know, I'd be happy to share with others and I might just find an idea to help me out as well.

Reading List

Back in my university days I took linguistic courses, thinking it would be like this book, researching and writing about arcane languages and symbology — wow was I so very wrong. So where do all those symbols on your keyboard come from? Each one has a checkered past, a history wrapped in scandal and tale. The Greeks lacked punctuation, the Romans had various ill-conceived plans, there wasn't much need for punctuation until the printing press came along. As boring as this all sounds, it is a rather interesting read, even if you aren't a grammar or writing nerd.

New Japan architecture―recent works by the world
By ギータ・K.メッタ, ディアナ・マクドナルド

Contrary to popular beliefs, Tokyo does not look like Blade Runner, nor is it a mecca for skyscrapers — earthquakes and strange laws relating to space keep buildings from achieving great heights. All too often blocky rectangles are all I see, that isn't to say that Tokyo and the rest of Japan are devoid of interesting architecture, there are many wonderful smaller buildings like museums, galleries, houses and government buildings that are wonderful to look at, and which I haven't begun to photograph yet.

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