Newsletter - February 2017


It's been 5 weeks since the New Year started, and my Postcard project for 2017 has been off to a good start! Make sure you follow me on Instagram for a chance to get one of the postcards I am giving away there every Monday; remember Tokyo is GMT+9.

These are the first 5 postcards that I mailed out in January, they went to California, Wisconsin, Virginia and Michigan, and one to Portugal! I hope that they have arrived or will arrive at their destinations shortly. Over the holidays I added a couple more postcards to the small collection I have that I will be giving away, one from the Fuji-five Lakes area, and one from an exhibition by Yohji Yamamoto & Yuuka Asakura.


  • Dennis Hopper; He had several artistic pursuits beyond film and TV. He was a painter, sculptor and a prolific photographer. You've probably seen his photos, he documented and participated in Martin Luther King Jrs 1963 March on Washington and 1965 civil-rights march in Selma, Alabama. His photographs have directly inspired my own work; see "A short reading list below".
  • Monotypes & Monoprints, I've become interested in this style of printing after discovering the work of Mlui on Ello, who was kind enough to answer some basic questions I had and which lead me to doing a bunch of reading on the process. 
  • Jon Wilkening 365 Project;  doing a year long photo project is daunting in itself, Jon takes it to a whole new level using a pinhole camera with film AND publishing a zine every 50 days to compliment his year long adventure in film, publishing and pushing himself.
  • Is it Whiskey, or is it Whisky? Doesn't matter I typically only drink Scotch! There's a great website called Distiller (not only whiskey, but also tequila & mezcal, rum, brandy, gin), it's a great tool to discover new flavours and bottles and a fount of information if you want to learn more about various spirits.


Here is what I have been reading recently

Wishful Drinking
By Carrie Fisher

This is where I've been drawing inspiration


I'm in the early stages of creating a new series, inspiration for this came from a series of images called Seascapes by Hiroshi Sugimoto. I think this is going to take some time to get right, unlike most of my other architectural photos these will be in colour, and I want to get the colour just right; which means I need to learn a few things about tone curves and colour channels for editing.

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