Newsletter - January 2017


It's been quite a while since I've written one of these, so let's get down to business! On January 2nd I launched my first project of the year, where I post and give away a postcard on Instagram that I purchased from an artist or exhibit here in Japan.

Some of the postcards I'll be giving away through Instagram on Mondays

Basically every Monday in 2017 I will post a new postcard on Instagram and the first person to comment on that post will receive it! Some writing, some sharing, and hopefully introducing everyone to an interesting piece of art, and you might end up with a postcard in your mailbox. So follow me on Instagram and watch for these: hint, I'll be posting randomly on Mondays and Tokyo is GMT+9. You can read a bit more about the project and see what postcards I have given away in this gallery, I'll update it weekly. You can also read a little about in my journal as well.

A short list of interesting things

  • Aaron Siskind; I have benefited from examining his symbolic and abstract photos based on discarded and found objects. Trying to incorporate line, shape and picture plane into my own work, as well as framing subjects and foreground.
For the first time in my life, subject matter, as such, had ceased to be primary importance. Instead, I found myself involved in the relationships of these objects.
— Aaron Siskind
  • When I vacationed in Rome last June I went to an exhibit at the Palazzo delle Esponsizioni on Gianni Berengo Gardin — "Italy's greatest photographer", who has published over 250 books. I was quite impressed with his guiding photographic principle (in his own words): "When I photograph a town, I always try to start from the outside: by showing where it is, what it's like, by entering the streets, then the shops and homes and photographing objects. That's the guiding principle, a normal, logical approach, fit to discover a village but also a city or a nation. And by doing so to get to know the man."
  • I recently came across a photo series called "Chalkboard" by Randy West — this has inspired me to revisit some of the locations around Tokyo where I took photographs of graffiti for my "Recontextualized" series. Tentatively I am entitling this new series of images "Whitewashed".
  • Finally January 20th is coming up and I will be spending the day taking photos at a location somewhere in or near Tokyo. This will be the 3rd year that I have done this, the first year's images (photos taken in 2015) can be found here: "One day, one year later", and the second year's images (taken in 2016) will be posted shortly after the 20th. I wait a full year before I look at the images, coincidently this date occurs on my birthday.

A short reading list

Here is what I have been reading recently, found this to be a rather entertaining trilogy — I couldn't put it down.


This is where I've been drawing inspiration from the past couple of months.

A short preview of recent work

Over the course of the summer I went back to the camera I was using before I bought my dSLR; creatively and mentally I needed a change, and after some encouragement from friends I decided to try something completely different. I set the old Ricoh CX3 to shoot only high contrast black and white, and spent two months shooting only that style. I have already been releasing the initial images that came from this time, entitled "Tangled" (remember to look up when you are outside, there are some wonderful things that can be seen). Here is a preview of the next batch of images, which I have been calling "Zebra Art" (remember to look down when you are outside as well) in my journal — I do need to come up with a new title and I am open to suggestions, let me know if you have any appropriate titles!

A small preview of some of the images; not all of these images will be released on my site, I have another print project in mind ... more details later.

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