For all you quitters

There are a lot of people so soon after New Years who have already broken their resolutions. Not a big surprise, it happens so quickly, doesn’t it? Change doesn’t happen in one night when a ball drops. That’s ok.

You probably didn’t even read past that first paragraph. That’s ok too.

For the past week or so you’ve felt bad seeing so many people posting “inspiration for the coming year” posts, “top 10” lists, “life-hacks”, “self-help” articles, and posting their “awesome resolutions / New Year plans to become a better human being” all over social media. You might have read some, or bookmarked a couple for later, or but let’s be honest: you only look at the title, and then guilt-posted some to Facebook. That’s ok.

You’ll probably guilt-post this to <insert social media name here>. That’s ok too.

Everyone wants the quick fix. They want the 140 character solution to all their problems. They want to ingest a 260 second video to make their life better. They want a 376 word blog post which will enlightened them. That’s ok.

If you’ve made it this far, you’re in luck — I got the answer from an unsuspecting source.  You won’t like the answer though, because …

You are a quitter. You’ve already broken, or are very close to breaking your resolution. That’s ok, don’t feel bad; you are not alone. But maybe, just maybe in the back of your mind you know the year is fresh, the potential for 2016 still hangs in the air and you can sense it. There is still time to give your resolution another go, sure you might have a relapse and quit again, but that’s ok too.

So here’s your answer:

It gets easier.
Every day, it gets a little easier.
But you gotta do it every day.
That’s the hard part.
But it does get easier.
— BoJack Horseman (Season 2, Episode 12)

It’s ok you don’t like the answer, just know there is no quick fix you gotta do the work day in and day out.

Good luck in 2016, we all need it.

And yes the inspiration for this came from a cartoon I was watching rather than working on my New Years Resolution. But that's ok.