Consider for a moment that art forms can be divided into two categories, Temporal Arts (music, plays, books, poetry etc.) and Spatial Arts (painting, sculpture, photography, drawing etc.). Temporal Arts require time to be perceived, for example you cannot just glance at a book to have an idea about its matter. With Spatial Arts time is irrelevant, the viewer can glance at an image and have an idea about the matter.

I have a series of images which I created called Mosaics, what I have done is deconstructed the entire image back into its component pieces, having done this I've removed the immediacy of understanding. Now in order to be able to perceive the image I have added the element of time back into the process, so now the viewer is required to hold each image in their mind and connect it to the next, and the next and so on. Only by taking time to retain each component graphic in their mind can the viewer see the image as a whole.

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