About B-Side

I never set out to make these images. My original intention, with influences from Dennis Hopper and Saul Leiter, was to do street photography. After taking photographs for a couple of years I began to uncover a side of the city I had been overlooking, the side which I’ve come to think shows more about the life of the city and its inhabitants. What began as walking around new areas became a habit to visit and explore the same areas again and again, observing gradual changes to the landscape, objects and colours (i.e. what I’ve come to believe to be the substance of the city), it was at this point that people became secondary characters in my photography.

Over time the idea of revisiting became important. Everyone who looks at an area will see it differently. The same applies every time you revisit a location, some aspect is different. You see it anew, wondering if you had missed this detail before; each new visit will rearrange how you think about and perceive the area.

The removal of people from my street photography has been a natural progression of my style and aesthetic. There are stretches of time when I feel more connected to vestiges of people, it’s in these moments I feel an attachment and curiosity for the substance of the city; less wonder for its inhabitants. This project is an ongoing exploration of the B-Side of the city. This is not the textbook, picturesque side of the city. This is the altered landscape, the evolving scenery, the mundane; in these images you will not see people, you will infer their presence, yet you will not see them.

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